Gift Vouchers

Looking for a wonderful gift?

With a gift voucher for wall art by Fine-art photographer Karen Ketels, you give something unique!


Looking for te right gift-moment?

Birthday / Anniversary / Christmas / Valentine / Mother' s day / Father's day / Marriage / Engagement / Graduating / Retirement / Party / ...

There are gift vouchers for every budget!

It is possible to go for 1 big voucher together with familie and friends, but it is also possible to combine several individual gift vouchers.

Fine art image of a forest by Karen Ketels

Picking up a gift voucher in photostudio

If you live nearby, you are very welcome to pick your gift voucher up in the photo studio.

Korsele 1 - 9667 Horebeke, Belgium

Open every monday (17.00-19.30) - wednesday (14.00-16.00) - saturday (10.00-12.00)

If none of this moments work for you, just contact me te make an appointment (055/309.809)

You choose the amount you wish to spend. It is possible to pay with bancontact.

Getting your PERSONALIZED gift voucher by Email

There are gift vouchers for every budget, and you can combine them as you wish.

After receiving your payment and info, the gift voucher will be edited to you personally, and will be send to you by email.

Do you wish to receive gift vouchers?

You can give familie and friends a hint to order gift vouchers for you... You can even ask several people to order gift vouchers separately (and even spread over different occasions during the year!), so that you can build up the amount you wish to spend on your wall art!

Gift Vouchers are valid for one year, and you can combine several vouchers.

Already dreaming of you wall art?

Are you a LUCKY ONE with a gift voucher?

With a gift voucher you can become postcards, calendars, or wall art by Karen Ketels.

Gift vouchers are valid for one year, and you can combine several vouchers.

Moving moment in snow by Karen Ketels