fine-art photographer karen ketels

I'm Karen, passionated professional photographer, in love with natures beauty, and my little golden retriever puppy Hebe.


'Following your heart' for me means to be outside with my camera. In the countryside, the fields, forests, mountains, at sea, in the mud, among animals...


I love to be outside before the break of dawn, in the fields, surrounded by silence, and then freeze the moment to put it on photograph.


With my work I want to make the unseen visible, and let people feel the magnificence of nature. I love to create images with an extra touch of beauty.


Living where I grew up; in 'The Flemish Ardennes', a beautiful countryside in the south-east of Belgium, I'm surrounded by nature's beauty. I'm very fond of this region, but I also like to broaden my horizon in other countries and sceneries.

Photographer Karen Ketels with golden retriever puppy Hebe

Karen Ketels

PolyArtes Bvba

Korsele 1 - 9667 Horebeke

BTW = BE0837.648.151

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