Black- and white image of a tree, standing totally alone in the field. Minimalistic image by Karen Ketels

As a photographer, this is where my heart skips a beat of excitement...

With my fine-art images, I want to make the unseen visible and let people enjoy the beauty of nature. I love to create special images in which beauty and aesthetics are the main subject.

A lonely tree, a moving animal, special colors, minimalistic landscapes, black-and-white portraits, ... It is nature's beauty as I see it.

Portrait of white cows, sheltering in shadow in summer by Karen Ketels

Animals as they are. Cows in the field, cheerfully fluttering butterflies on beautiful flowers, a little spider in his web. All kinds of creatures in their habitat. It is great to be a witness of what they do and what their habits are.

Fine art image of feather grasses by Karen Ketels

Plants, flowers and trees.

The amazing world of plants, grasses, trees, mushrooms. Beautiful colors or a palet of greens. Great structures, or tiny little parts. Plants and trees are fascinating to photograph in every season.

Macro photography of an ant with a colony of aphids by Karen Ketels

The unseen world made visible.

Looking closely to small creatures and the world they live in. With my macrolens, I become a witness of what happens in my backyard.

Tissenhovemill in the Flemish Ardennes at a summer evening by Karen Ketels

Unique scenery at the south-east Flemish countryside. A wonderful landscape with pollard willows, and lots of agriculture. With beech forests, hills and green valleys. Bocage landscapes with cows and horses in the meadows, and beautiful wind- and watermills as landmark.

The place where the cobblestones are conquered by bike in the Tour of Flanders. The place where I grew up and live.

Trees in summer fields in Bourgogne by Karen Ketels

The magnificent European nature.

From sandy shores to green forests, flat coastlines to hilly fields. Europe has so many different faces when it comes to nature. I really love it!

Conceptual art with 2 floating islands at full moon by Karen Ketels

A dreamworld created by Karen Ketels.

Dreamscapes always start in my head. Most of the time I see them in my sleep, so when I wake up, I draw them in my notebook, which is on my bedside table. Then the creating proces takes places. Sometimes I can work with pictures that are already stocked in my image database, but most of the times, I have to photograph new elements or sceneries. When I have every element I need, the creating part in photoshop can start, and I can bring my dreamworld to life.

Baroque violin on a microring surface by Karen Ketels

Some other photographically interesting objects.

Not only nature provides us with great beauty, humans do to. I get excited by great architectural shapes, and musical instruments.

Before I started my photography education, I got my Master degree as a musician at the Royal Conservatoy of Brussels. Thereby, musical instruments keep on fascinating me. So I want to picture that feeling in my photography.

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